Virtual basketball scoreboard app. You can use this app on your device (smartphone or computer) and project it on a larger screen.

For Android

For Web Browser

Free virtual basketball scoreboard for Android.

You can project it to a larger screen and use it, for example, in a game at your school.

  • You can adjust the duration of the game period.
  • You can adjust the amount of fouls.
  • You can change the name of the equipment.
  • You can adjust the amount of game periods.
  • You can enable or disable the 24/14 second option.
  • Sound (buzzer) when time runs out.
  • Stopwatch with measurement of hundredths of a second, when less than 1 minute remains.
  • Indicator of possession of the ball.
  • You can delete all values ​​and return to the default values.

Using the keyboard:

Q         : Add 1 foul to local team (after 5, returns to 0).
A         : Add 1 to local team.
Z          : Substracts 1 to local team.

E          : Add 1 foul to guest team (after 5, returns to 0).
D         : Add 1 to guest team.
C         : Substracts 1 to guest team.

X         : Add 1 to the period (time returns to 0).

<-        : Left arrow, possession of the ball by local team.
->        : Right arrow, possession of the ball by guest team.

H         : Add 1 minute.
N         : Substract 1 minute.

J          : Add 1 second.
M        : Substract 1 second.

B         : Turns the buzzer on.

SPACEBAR  : Starts or stops time.

3 thoughts on “Basketball Scoreboard for Android and Web Browser

  1. Buen programa, muchas gracias. Solo le faltaría poder configurar mas periodos para usar con los niños que juegan 6 ó 7 periodos de menos duración.

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