Basketball Scoreboard

Virtual basketball scoreboard app. You can use this app on your device (smartphone or computer) and project it on a larger screen.

For web browser

You can run it from your browser!


  • You can use mouse or keyboard.
  • Indicator of possession of the ball.
  • Indicator of fouls of each team.
  • Modify the team name.
  • Period indicator.
  • Set the duration of the playing period.
  • Possibility to reset the time values, fouls and point marker.
  • Buzzer sound.
  • Icon to sound the buzzer at any time.

Using the keyboard

  • Q: +1 foul to local team
  • E: +1 foul to guest team
  • A: +1 point to local team
  • D: +1 point to guest team
  • Z: -1 point to local team
  • C: -1 point to guest team
  • X: +1 period
  • T: pause time 24 seconds
  • R: return to 24 seconds
  • Y: return to 14 seconds
  • B: buzzer
  • ←Left Arrow: possession local team
  • →Right Arrow: possession guest team
  • ↓Down Arrow: dissable possession
  • Space: start/stop time